Jewels of the Sea

Sandy Moser is a multi-talented artist who paints wildlife images, paints silk scarves, creates rug hookings and her newest venture is designing and making sea glass jewelry. One of her hobbies is walking on the beaches of Nova Scotia. She discovered these beautiful colored gems in the sand, so she began to collect sea glass, which is now a full-fledged addiction. After some investigating, she learned how to turn these beautiful gems into sea glass jewelry.

Sandy uses sea glass from the Atlantic Provinces that she has gathered, and she also buys glass that has been collected in the United States and England. She uses a two-toned glass that comes from the UK which is beautiful and very unique. This glass shows 2 to 3 different colors in the glass, was made from trashed pieces melting together and are now called multies. Some of this glass is over 100 years old. Sandy also uses river glass that came from depression glass, lanterns, medicine bottles, vases etc. and was shaped by sand, silt and water.

Sea glass comes from bottles, jars, tableware and glass that have been thrown into the ocean and are tumbled and worn by waves, until it becomes frosted and pebbled. Sea glass is also created from shipwrecks. Beach glass is found on freshwater beaches and river glass is found in rivers and is pebbled by the movement of silt and rocks. Some say it takes up to 20 to 30 years for glass to become worn and pebbled.

Sea glass comes in many colors ranging from orange, red to blue, teal, amethyst, green and brown. The rarest is orange and then red because gold was used in the process of making those colors. The most common are white, amber and green. Sandy uses authentic glass which is tumbled by the ocean, lakes or river.

Sandy’s pieces are one of a kind and are unique. She uses three methods to create her jewelry. One method is to glue bails to the pieces, one is to drill the glass and the other method is to wire wrap the glass. Her chains, earring wire and bails are made of sterling silver. The earring wires can be made with a surgical steel to make it hypoallergenic. She sells sets of earrings with a pendant, as well as selling those items separately. Her new line that she has designed are charm bracelets and bangles which are made of 925 sterling silver. She creates her earrings, bangles and bracelets by adding the sea glass, seed pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, lamp work beads or charms to them. She also designs wedding jewelry.

Prices are determined by the color of glass which determines the rarity of the glass that is used.

Sandy’s jewelry is sold in various shops and galleries in Nova Scotia as well as at various markets. You can find her sea glass jewelry in the following galleries, shops and venues:

Shops and Galleries

Made in the Sticks – Margaree Valley, Nova Scotia

Visual Voice Art Gallery, Truro  


 Craft Fairs & Market

Artisans of the Eastern Shore, Sheet Harbour – second Sunday in August –

Artisans of the Eastern Shore Studio Tour, Sheet Harbour, NS –TBA

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